The conference format is hybrid, which means that attendance, paper presentations, and panel sessions participation will be possible either in person or remotely. Depending on the COVID-19 travel rules at the time of the conference we strongly recommend that all those who are allowed to travel would attend in person.

The conference is organized as a single sequence of sessions (i.e., no parallel sessions). Each session will be fully recorded for post-conference streaming so that registered attendees will be able to revisit the sessions at any time and catch up with the talks they may have missed.

In person presenters will deliver their presentations on an USB Flash Drive to the Session Secretary before the start of the session where they meant to present. Instead remote presenter will deliver a pre-recorded video of their presentation by 30 September 2022. The should be in any case available online for the Q&A part at the end of the relevant session.

Tips for recording:

– Use as quiet an area as possible
– Avoid echos
– Rooms should be fairly small
– Sound dampening with carpeting, curtains, or furniture is recommended
– A hardwired internet connection is recommended, but if unavailable, use a strong Wi-Fi connection
– Try and use a good headset with the microphone close to the mouth BUT away from direct-line-of-
mouth to reduce “pops”. Try to avoid using the default built-in microphone on a computer
– Before recording the entire presentation, please perform a test recording that is at least a few minutes
in duration, to review the sound & picture quality, the MP4 format, and the selected bit rate.

Upload instructions

Please provide your presentation as an MP4 video of max 20 minutes sharp. Please upload the video at latest by 30 September 2022 to by means of free file transfer service